Ace Crikey - 1. A Clear and Present Stranger
Ace Crikey - 1. A Clear and Present Stranger

Adventure / Humour / Science Fiction (sort of)

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     There was a vase of flowers on the table, a large wardrobe against the far wall, a sink in the corner and a tap on the door.
     “Come in!” I called.


It is the near future, probably, in a world not too different from our own... Meek young man Horace Crikey is about to undergo a dramatic change to his lifestyle and his personality. Decapitation will do that, sometimes.

But don't worry: his decapitation isn't permanent, and when he recovers he's recruited by a mysterious agency known only as The Agency: he is to be trained as a Special Agent. He's not entirely sure what that means, but it sounds great. Pity about the almost total amnesia, though...

To Ace, logic is just a serving suggestion: there is more than one solution to any gven problem, and sometimes you have to go the long way to get to it. The key thing is being able to remember why you went there in the first place.

Introducing Ace Crikey, Special Agent, and his struggle with dastardly villains, warped logic, wince-inducing puns and his own rather tenuous grasp on reality. This first volume in this shockingly terrificesque adventure series also includes the award-winning short story that started it all! Unavailable for over twenty years, with good reason, this is your chance to jump on the Ace Crikey bandwagon before it even starts rolling!


Worldwide: August 2016
Cover by Peter McCanney